What We Do

Owner pays NO FEES ever, our company pays owners like yourself that either have weeks listed for sale, excess Marriott weeks, banked Interval deposits, Interval weeks expiring or any other unused inventory or unused Destination Club Points. So, again we send YOU a check and YOU pay no fees to our company.

In return for your unused weeks we pay you between $550.00 TO $8500.00 on average which can help offset your maintenance fees.

We service several companies that utilizes the reservations for their health and wellness programs. They offer the units to their employees as special incentives, monthly bonuses, or at a substainal discount to encourage employees to take time off to travel with their families. As it is a proven fact that more vacation time leads to better health, lower insurance premiums and increased productivity as per USA Today.

James C had 8500 Marriott Destination Club Points our company paid him $4000.00

James C.

Our company paid $3900.00 to Antoine for 9,950 Marriott Destination Club Points.

Antoine C.

“I owned 2 (2 bedroom lock off units at the grande vista) and the luxury resort group paid me $2400.00 cash. It was a very simple process and great people to work with.”

Mary Ann R.

“Owns 8500 Destination Club Points and 2 Grande Vista Weeks our company paid Sam K. $6400.00 cash.”

Sam K.